Multi-level support for local authorities to improve energy efficiency

Date: 2018-09-26 - 2018-09-26
Location: Kossuth Klub - Muzikum térkép


Local authorities and policy makers, as local consumers and producers (‘prosumers’) of energy, are in the position to lead the local sustainable energy transition. Energy efficiency (EE) is a cornerstone of sustainable energy policies as EPBD and relevant national regulation on nZEB requirements demonstrate.

This session will aim at mapping of local authorities’ possibilities to deal with EE; means and needs of local authorities in energy efficiency, with special regard to nZEBbuildings and renovation policies. Placed in a CEE regional context, our conference would share important supporting possibilities for public nZEB refurbishments.

Speakers will start with a short presentation of ca. 12-15 minutes, focusing on their role and leadership actions in energy efficiency (suggested focus on buildings’ energy efficiency) and on the support which they can share with others in favour of EE/nZEB investments. This will be followed by a moderated panel discussion with experts on the outcomes of the Buildings for the Visegrad Future Workshop at C4E Forum[1], Serock 2018.

After the panel discussion, a Q&A session will follow with the audience.

Organiser of the event: MEHI Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute, Energy Cities and Energiaklub

Moderated by Gabriella Szalai, MEHI and Orsolya Fülöp, Energiaklub

Language of the session: Hungarian and English (with interpretation)

Admission is free of charge.


Download program from HERE.